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September 3, 2015
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3 Things to NEVER Say on Twitter


You’ve ramped up your tweeting so much that people are starting to think you’re a long-lost Kardashian, but have you checked in on your twittiquette?

(That’s Twitter etiquette, of course.)

With such a wide-ranging audience (i.e. the entire world), there’s plenty of opportunity to offend someone. (We’re looking at you, Trevor Noah.) Don’t let that be your fate.

When using the micromessaging platform for professional purposes, here’s a handful of words and phrases you might want to sidestep:

  • “Don’t,” “Can’t,” and “Won’t” — Negative tweets are less likely to attract potential clients or fans. Try to zero in on content that will improve others’ lives, not bring them down.
  •  “The Other Guys” — Never mention a competitor, even if it seems relevant. Play to your strengths, don’t dance in the shadow of others.
  • “Me, Me, Me” — Promote your brand — that’s why you’re there — but avoid excessively and exclusively talking about yourself. Engage! Even if that means tweeting @KimKardashian.

By Kara Cutruzzula

Sourced from https://www.tapp.com

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